Owen Longhorns is owned and operated by Michael and Andrea Owen. Though they only started buying longhorns a few years ago, it didn’t take much time to sell off every starter longhorn they initially bought and learn that if you wanted to have desirable stock, we needed to pay for it. By participating in futurities and attending a high volume of the sales, we learned quickly that we needed a proven solid base of producing cows to A.I. to feature bulls. Even though we have produced some amazing bull prospects, we don’t keep any bulls. Every cow is paired with a known bull with heifer sexed semen for about 90% of our breeding. The cows live on clean coastal field and get moved throughout the year from a coastal, to a sudan, to a wheat field. We like our girls to be fat, but at a healthy weight, with much attention paid to their nutrition. We may not have the highest quantity, but we do strive for the best quality. We focus on body size, lateral horns, utter, color, conformation, and demeanor. If we ever have a high horn skinny aggressive cow, you’ll never know about it because she would be hamburger. Fortunately, hasn’t happened yet. So, when you see our brand or name know that it is a product that was raised with love and attention to stand with the best.